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Michele Schirru
Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents

I support Real Estate Agents in creating and implementing Digital Marketing Strategies that get clients through the door and increase sales.


More than 90% of people in your area use the internet to search before selling and buying a house.

What do they search?

They want to know the prices, they want to see which properties are currently on the market, they want to compare real estate agents.

Digital real estate marketing will help you to create and increase brand awareness, increase the perceived value and, finally, generating more leads and more sales.

This means more money for you!

Even if they started the process on their own, in the end, they will rely on your Real Estate Agency to solve their real estate problems.

Who am I?

Digital Marketer & Real Estate Strategist, PropTech Influencer

In other words: I support companies in embracing Digital and Strategic Real Estate Marketing.

Italian, husband and father of two beautiful children. Strong fan of tennis and music.

Author of the books “Puntare Sugli Immobili a Reddito” and “Trasformazione Digitale”, I work in the real estate sector since 2007 with experience in both the Italian and English market.

In 2011 I moved to the UK, until 2017 when I decided to return to Italy.

In 2012 I flew to Denmark for a while where I studied Web, Multimedia and Communication, Technology, Digital, at the Aarhus Business Academy.

In 2016 I opened my blog, focusing on real estate investment consulting, digital, proptech, social media, marketing.

Between 2018 and 2019, I co-founded, one of the first experiments in online real estate agency in Italy.

Since 2019 I also write for the leading global matching platform for Proptech, Unissu.

What are you still waiting for?

Tell me about your business and get in touch.