This is day 3 of The Italian Lockdown against Coronavirus Covid19.

Why am doing this? Well, I suppose it’s because I care about others and my people, my family, my friends.

I will dedicate my time to produce at least one video p/day until the end of the quarantine imposed by the Italian Government.

I want to inform and to fully document the situation, there’s never going to be enough awareness.

Friends across Europe and the rest of the world, please stay home as you can’t react ordinarily to an extraordinary and aggressive virus that can put health care systems under great pressure.

Ultimately, it is about us, don’t think about your own yard and take care of who else you have around.

See you tomorrow.

Key facts for Italy:

  • 12.462 total number of affected people so far
  • 10.590 are currently experiencing the disease
  • 827 Covid19 related deaths so far
  • From today, lockdown with only supermarkets and pharmacies open
  • There is strong need for ICU, around 1.000 people are under intensive care therapy